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BOTTARI [1] is an augmented reality application that permits the personalized and localized recommendation of points of interest (POIs) based on the temporally-weighted opinions of the community. The technological basis of BOTTARI is the highly scalable LarKC platform [2] for the rapid prototyping and development of Semantic Web applications. In particular, BOTTARI exploits LarKC’s deductive and inductive stream reasoning [3]. BOTTARI was evaluated on a three year collection of tweets about 319 restaurants located in the 2 km2 district of Insadong, a popular tourist area of the South Korean city of Seoul.

Four screenshots of the BOTTARI Android application.

Figure above illustrates four screenshots of the BOTTARI Android application: the AR interface with the four types of recommendations and the possibility to filter by distance is shown in (a); further details about a selected POI are shown in (b) and (c) where the similar restaurants and the map with the POI description are visualized, respectively; finally, the trend over time of user opinions about the POI are graphically drawn in (d).

BOTTARI is the winner of the 9th edition of the Semantic Web Challenge, co-located with the 2011 International Semantic Web Conference. BOTTARI is currently field tested in Korea by Saltlux.

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