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The Urbanopoly [1] app is a social, mobile and location-based Game with a Purpose designed around the idea of the “monopoly” board game. Urbanopoly consumes and generates geo-spatial linked and open data. This data are validated and enriched through Human Computation mechanisms: players are involved in the geo-spatial data collection according to the “citizens as sensors” approach and the Urbanopoly game is the entertaining expedient to assess and improve geo-spatial linked data quality.
As in the monopoly board game, the player is a landlord whose aim is to create a rich portfolio of venues; those venues are real places in the surrounding of the player, like shops, restaurants, and monuments.

Urbanopoly game storyboard

The figure above, from left to right, illustrates: the map showing the close-by venues, including an orange one belonging to the player; the player’s venue portfolio; the “wheel of fortune” use to run the mini-games illustrated in the figure below when visiting an occupied venue; and the leaderboard.

Mini-games in Urbanopoly for task solving

The figure above presents screenshots of some of the mini-games that hide the Human Computation tasks. We can roughly dive the mini-games in two category: data collection challenges as contributions to an advertising campaign (inserting a value and taking a picture); and data validation challenges to check pre-existing data or other players’ contribution (answering a quiz or rating a poster).

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[1] Irene Celino, Dario Cerizza, Simone Contessa, Marta Corubolo, Daniele Dell’Aglio, Emanuele Della Valle, Stefano Fumeo: Urbanopoly - A Social and Location-Based Game with a Purpose to Crowdsource Your Urban Data. SocialCom/PASSAT 2012: 910-913. http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/SocialCom-PASSAT.2012.138

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